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Ecuador & Galapagos Photography Tour


Our passion for the mountains crosses borders!

We have travelled and climbed the South American Andean Region as well as in Europe and parts of Asia. Do you want to cross borders with us? There are plenty of awesome options we have on offer:

  • Some preparation in Ecuador and afterwards going to Aconcagua, maybe?
  • Or shall we directly meat up in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia or Peru for sharing andean summit adventures?
  • Other targets in Europe, America or Asia in mind? Let us know!

You tell us where to go and we will lead your way. Based on your requirements and mountaineering experience, we will create an individual offer for you, assuring unique andean summit adventures as well as taking care about safety and fun!

We recommend a group size of 2 or more for enjoying attractive pricing. But of course we also make up your very individual offer for you. Please contact us and let us know, what exactly are your dreams.

Additionally we offer every season a new destination, a challenging program for focused and ambitious mountaineers - check out our confirmed departures section to get further details about this year's special destination.

Please feel free to have a closer look at the individual offers in our international section for getting inspired.

exploring the South American Andes

happy and successful mountaineers