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You have climbed one of Ecuador's highest summits and need a rest now? But still you want to get most out of your trip and are up to a relaxed excursion or activity? Below you find a number of attractive options for "rest and relax", which can be perfectly combined with the summits in our program. Please contact us for pricing or individual packages and further information.

HISTORIC CENTER OF QUITOhistoric center Quito

You have just arrived in Quito or you are here for a stopover before heading to the next summit and want to dive into Quito's historic center? Make it part of your tour and enjoy a half day accompanied by your guide in the historic center of Quito. We will visit the most important places either in the morning or the afternoon, however you wish. The other half day is free time for your own activities. Places which are definitely covered are: El Panecillo, Plaza Grande with the cathedral, Plaza San Francisco with the Monastery and many more.


Mitad del Mundo - QuitoMITAD DEL MUNDO & PULULAHUA

A must, when you are in Quito is an excursion to the middle of the world. We will visit the park "Mitad del Mundo" in the north of Quito. There we have plenty of time for walking around, taking pictures and visiting the museums. Starting from Mitad del Mundo we will also go up to the Reserva Geobotánica Pululahua, which is a small village in the crater of the so called volcano. The very special micro climate in the crater makes the soil fertile and home of many species of flowers and birds.



Definitely worthwhile visiting is the handicraft market in Otavalo in the Plaza de los Ponchos. Every day indigenous people from the surroundings show and sell their products, mainly textiles made of wool. Saturday is actually the best day for shopping around in Otavalo, as this is the typical market day. Next to the handicraft market there is also an animal market which is only open on Saturdays. From guinea pigs to cows, everything is sold there. For fruits, food and other articles of daily life there is the day market in Otavalo.



Papallacta is a small village in the province of Napo, famous mainly for its hot springs. The village lies on approximately 3.300 m (10,800 ft) and has around 950 inhabitants. Papallacta is also the starting point for expeditions to the Antisana summit. Papallacta is a quichua name and means translated "land of potatoes". Spending a day in Papallacta's hot springs will definitely recharge your batteries for the next summit.


MARKET OF SAQUISILI OR PUJILISaquisili and Pujili Markets

Saquisili and Pujili are small villages on the Quilotoa Loop, close to Latacunga. The markets of Saquisili (only Thursdays) and Pujili (only Sundays) are definitely the most authentic ones in the region. You will enjoy the visit of one of these markets with their incredible choice of food, other goods and animals. Visitors of the markets are - besides some tourists - mainly indigenous people from the surrounding highlands. There you can bargain with the locals for handicrafts, textiles or other goods.



Wanna go for some hiking on our rest day? Then do not miss the opportunity to visit Quilotoa crater lake. Further you will stay perfectly acclimatized, as Quilotoa is on a height of approx. 3.900 m (12,800 ft). From the crater we will walk down to the lake (altitude difference of about 250 m / 800 ft) enjoying stunning views of the changing greenish water colour, which comes from dissolved minerals. Walking up again takes a bit more than an hour, but there is an option to go up on a donkey, if you prefer this.



Off the beaten treks you will be guided through untouched nature of our wonderful country, walking through the fields of local farmers into a small valley. Steadily we are gaining height, we enjoy absolute quietness and can see all the vegetable and fruit which is cultivated in Baños de Agua Santa. The hike starts a bit outside of Baños and leads via nice hiking routes to a small village. On our way we look down to the river and cross old bridges. It will take us approximately 2 to 3 hours for reaching the village.



Baños de Agua Santa offers a variety of funny and exciting activities. One option for filling a half "rest and relax" day is spending a few hours in the wall. With your guide you will visit one of the rock climbing areas in Baños. Depending on your previous knowledge you will learn basic securing techniques and climb easy routes. If you are one of the experts already, there is plenty of tours for you to discover. The knowledge and training you acquire during this climbing lection will serve you definitely for your next summit. See you @ rock! 



El Pailón del Diablo is the biggest and most impressive waterfall in the area of Baños de Agua Santa. We will take a short walk down to the entry point and will get REALLY close to the water. The view from a certain angle reminds of the devils face, that's where the name comes from. Afterwards we will make a short drive to the casa del arbol. This is a nice view point for the volcano Tungurahua. You can see the cone and if the volcano is active also an ash plume growing into the sky. The place also counts with some refreshments and snacks.


Bosque de Polylepis - ChimborazoBOSQUE DE POLYLEPIS - CHIMBORAZO

In the Reserva de Producción Faunística Chimborazo we will enjoy a walk to the woods of Polylepis, which are impressive and ancient trees. They can reach a height of 15 - 20 m and a diameter of the trunk of about 2 meters ... and please keep in mind ... we are on 4.000 m above msl. Afterwards we visit the mountain lodge "Star of Chimborazo", which is owned by the famous mountaineer Marco Curz, for a nice lunch. So close to Chimborazo you can enjoy wonderful views of Ecuador's highest mountain.


The above programs are perfect options for pleasant and relaxing rest days. The activities take only part of the day, so that there is still some free time for you or time for absolute relax. The activities can only be booked as part of a package or an individual tour. Create your own tour and select your favourites.