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1-DAY CLIMB RIDGE RUCU PICHINCHA  (4.696 m / 15,407 ft)

Quito's TelefériQo takes us up to the marvellous view point Cruz Loma at approximately 4.100 m / 13,450 ft. From there we start the tour, walking along Cruz Loma, till we reach the entrance to the ridge. Once properly equipped, we take the way along the so called "Paso de la Muerte" ridge (english: step of death), which is a difficulty up to grade 4 as per UIAA scale. The total time to the summit is approximately 3 hours. The descent is along the normal route with an average time of 2 hours before we get back to the cable car station and ride down to Quito.

Our tour includes:
- transportation & ticket TelefériQo
- ASEGUIM / UIAGM mountain guide
- food and beverage during the tour

Upon request:
- climbing equipment

Ridge Rucu Pichincha

Carihuairazo, Chimborazo, Sincholagua, Tungurahua, Iliniza Sur, Sangay

2-DAY CLIMB RIDGE ILINIZA NORTE  (5.126 m / 16,818 ft)

Iliniza Norte is one of the easier mountains with more than 5.000 m / 16,000 ft height. Besides the normal route, there is the option to ascent Iliniza Norte via its ridge - where it getting trickier. The tour is up to grade 6 as per UIAA scale and requires techniques for ridge climbing.

The tour can be arranged for any day.


starting points & pick up:
Baños, Riobamba, Ambato, Machachi or Quito


DAY 1 - Refuge Nuevos Horizontes:

You will be picked up in the morning at one of our pick up points. Then we drive up to the parking area La Virgen (approx. 3.950 m / 12,959 ft). Here starts the ascent to the Refugio Nuevos Horizontes (approx. 4.750 m / 15,584 ft), which takes approximately 3 - 4 hours. After an early dinner it is time for rest.


DAY 2 - Summit Iliniza Norte via ridge:

Depending on group size and weather conditions we start the ascent to Iliniza Norte via the ridge around 4 a.m. After approximately 4 hours you will reach the summit. The descent to the hut and back to the parking area takes another 3 - 4 hours. On the way back you will enjoy lunch in a restaurant and you will get back to the starting point in the afternoon.


our package includes:
- transportation
- ASEGUIM / UIAGM mountain guide
- park entrance fee
- accommodation
- food & beverage

upon request:
- climbing equipment
- download checklist for equipment

Prices depend on group size and services included. Please contact us for your individual offer.

Or check our offers for fixed departures.

ascent to Iliniza Norte (5.126 m / 16,818 ft)

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