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Cordillera Blanca (White Range), the place to be for every mountaineer ... majestic peaks in the northern part of the Peruvian Andes. Here you can find the highest mountains outside of Asia and some of the most beautiful peaks on earth. There are 16 mountains crossing the 6k line (19,685 ft), making the Cordillera Blanca a popular destination for mountaineers from all over the planet.

Do you want to climb summits like:

- Alpamayo (5.947 m / 19,511 ft)
- Huascarán (6.768 m / 22,205 ft)
- Artesonraju (6.025 m / 19,767 ft)
- Cerro Pisco (5.752 m / 18,871 ft)

or others?

You have at least 2 to 3 weeks time, previous mountaineering experience and lots of energy? Then let's go. We make up a program for you, with adequate acclimatization and tailor-made routes. Please contact us for further information.

Below you'll will find information about some of the most popular mountains in our program. We have a great partner in Huaraz to make sure our adventures in Peru are the best of their kind.

Further to Cordillera Blanca we cover the volcanos in the South and organize treks throughout Peru.

ascent Alpamayo, basecamp in the back