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Once acclimatized, Ishinca valley is a one of the best options for getting started in the Cordillera Blanca. A 2 hour drive from Huaraz to the donkey station is necessary before the hike to the basecamp, accompanied by our donkeys and donky drivers, starts.The basecamp / Ishinca refuge is on 4.350 m / 14,270 ft. There are great camping options and also a refuge is available. Schedule about 7 days for summiting all THREE of the below mentioned, attractive peaks:


Urus - 5.495 m / 18,028 ft

Acclimatization tour to one of the glaciers of the Ishinca Valley from the Ishinca refuge, with first easier rocky parts. 1.150 m / 3,770 ft elevation gain to the summit – the roundtrip takes approximately 6 – 8 hours. Views especially of Tocllaraju are amazing. Also Ishinca and Ranrapalca can be seen during the ascent to Urus summit.


Ishinca - 5.530 m / 18,143 ft

Acclimatization tour from Ishinca Valley base camp. Glacier with easier rocky sections. 1.200 m / 3,937 ft elevation gain to the summit. Especially the approach to the mountain's summit is long and requires a good physical condition and comfortable shoes. In terms of technical difficulties the tour is still on the easier side, although there is a tricky area with crevasses in the upper part. The roundtrip to Ishinca summit and back to the base camp takes 8 – 10 hours. Also on the way to Ishinca you can enjoy wonderful views and feel Ranrapalca's North Face really close.


Tocllaraju – 6.034 m / 19,797 ft

Tocllarjau is a (very) demanding tour in terms of physical condition and mountaineering technique to a wonderful peak with more than 6000 m / 19,000 ft. Good acclimatization is absolutely necessary in order to assure a successful ascent. The tour starts from Ishinca Valley base camp with an overnight stay at 5.300 m / 17,380 ft in the high camp and can be scheduled for 2 or 3 days.


Make sure to schedule enough time for Ishinca valley, it's really worthwhile. Rest days are as important as the summit days and Ishinca basecamp area is a perfect place for enjoying the Peruvian sun up in the high mountains.


Urus summit | approaching Tocllaraju summit | view from Urus with Tocllaraju