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It is not just about hiring a guide and walking up the mountain! Our philosophy is different. Our "summit hit rate" proves it. Our concept focuses on the client and gets the maximum out for everybody. Below you find a small insight into our way of thinking and working.

The classical guiding perspective:

We see 3 elements (represented by the dots in dark red) with relations from each dot to each other (connections of the dots) and this on 2 layers (inside and outside of the connections). Let's start with the outer layer - the obvious part when climbing a mountain and contracting a guide. Following elements are represented:

- the summit
- the climber
- the guide

Coming to the relations between these elements, we have physical fitness, which is a prerequisite for the climber to reach the summit. Then we have experience, which is absolutely necessary for the guide in order to be able to lead the way to the summit. And last but not least we have a relation between the climber and the guide, which requires absolute discipline for maximizing the chance to be successful.

This is a classical guiding perspective, but andean summit adventure goes the extra mile and puts an extensive focus on its mountaineers in order to make sure their potential is fully used. Before starting the tour we look for a perfect fit.

concept summit hit rate

The coaching perspective:

The second layer (on the inner side) represents the same situation, seen out of a coaching perspective. We have the classical elements:

- the target
- the client
- the coach

The beginning of this coaching relation is the client's wish and will to reach a certain target, in our case the summit of high Ecuadorian mountains. The client has all the potential for reaching his target (see first layer), but he needs somebody to accompany him, to lighten the way and activate all of his forces - a coach. The coach will be carefully selected (experience, certifications etc. - see first layer), for assuring the base of a trustful relationship between the client and the coach. Finally there is the coach, who - with his tools and knowledge - gives the guidance which is needed for reaching the summit together. In this role the coach and mountain guide motivates his client, checks if the usage of the tools is correct, implements corrective measures where necessary and assures the most efficient appliance of the client's potential.

This is in short our secret for success and the numbers prove the same (GO TO SUMMIT HITRATE - SEE OUR RESULTS). In the RESULTS section you see a detailled overview of average results for reaching each of the summits. Give us a try and increase our summit hit rate further! We look forward to guiding / coaching you.